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bullet Networking
bullet Hardware Upgrades
bullet OS Installations
bullet OS Upgrades
bullet Firewall Installations
bullet Website Design
bullet Database Design
bullet Training
bullet Virus, Adware & Spyware Removal - System refresh*

In Shop Repair Rates

$35 per hr ($35 min)

Onsite Service Calls

$45 per hr ($45 min per call) Reserved for businesses, elderly and networking work. All system refresh work done only in shop.

*Virus, Adware & Spyware Removal - System refresh

$140 flat fee vs BestBuy over $200 - Due to the thousands of various types of virus, adware and spyware it is impractical and is not a full proof process to remove such infections. To clean a PC of these types of infections, we first backup your user files, erase your hard drive and then reinstall your operating system fresh as the day you purchased your PC. All programs installed since you purchased your PC will need to be reinstalled by the owner.

A free non-commercial use firewall and antispy software will be installed on your PC, as well as your current version of antivirus software. All Microsoft critical updates will also be installed and your personal files imported back onto the system.

This process guarantees your PC will be clean of all types of infections and leave the shop with the correct programs to help you continue to keep your PC uninfected.

More info on Viruses, Adware & Spyware;

Article From FOX News

Microsoft Access Database Design / Maintenance

$50 per hr

Expression Web Website Design / Maintenance

$50 per hr

Home or Business Networking Estimate based on requirements

Call for Barebones upgrades and pricing!

Barebone systems offer you the ability to save money but still have a faster computer by using some of the components off of your old and slower system. Such items may be your Hard Drive, CD-ROM Drive, Memory, Modem & Monitor.